The sweating. The aching calves. The unflattering sports bra. The aroma lingering on the gym’s only open elliptical.

There are any number of things about exercising that we can find to complain about. But if you’ve read this blog for any time at all, you understand that regular physical activity is key to losing weight and to maintaining a healthy weight.

So in the face of all the less than inspiring parts of a workout regimen, how can we keep going?

I – along with the staff of Mediplan Diet Services – have come up with a list of five sure-fire strategies to help keep you motivated to work out.

Here we go. Ready?

Promise yourself to only wash your hair on days you work out. Yep, you heard me. If you skip a day, so be it. But skip two? Are you sure you want to go work Wednesday morning without having shampooed since Sunday? Better hit the treadmill!

When your alarm goes off in the morning, put on your running shoes instead of your slippers. You’ll be much more likely to exercise that morning – an if you don’t, you’ll feel a sting of shame taking off those shoes before leaving for work. And shame is one heck of a motivator.

Learn to love the post-workout elation. Endorphins feel good, friends. Learn to love them as they flood your body post-workout.

In a related note: journal how you feel after every workout. What muscle groups feel great? Which feel a little sore? Don’t forget to include how you feel emotionally. Are you invigorated? Frustrated? Elated? Keep track of it all.

Remember why you started working to lose weight in the first place. Reconnecting with our initial motivation is a great way to rekindle the same fire that inspired us to melt away those first 10 pounds!

Join a class or enlist a regular workout buddy. Accountability and community make any task easier and exercise is no exception.

Your smartphone will hold lots of music. Use it! Getting engrossed in your favorite songs – or an audiobook – is a great way to make even extended workout sessions fly by.

Jog a new route and snap a few pictures of interesting scenery you’ve never taken the time to notice before.

Challenge a friend – or accept a challenge using your fitness wristband. Technology is amazing. Use any modern advancement you can to give yourself a bit of motivation.

Track and chart your successes. Keep it in a place you can view it often.

Want more info on creating and sticking to a successful workout routine? Give us a call here at Mediplan Diet Services or click the Schedule an Appointment button above. We can help you find a safe, effective regimen that’s right for your lifestyle and your fitness level.