Workout Tunes for JuneResearch has shown that listening to music improves your workout. This is largely due to music being a distraction from pain and tiredness. If you need some new workout tunes this June, MediPlan recommends that you check out NOWThatsWhatICallaWorkout 3. It is 18 tracks that are sure to get you moving, including remixes of some of today’s hottest songs. This album is packed with over an hour’s worth of music perfect for cardio and strength training too or even just going for a brisk, morning walk.

Why Workout With Music?

Upbeat music provides your brain with more information to process. It takes your mind off the stitch that might be starting to form in your side and distracts you from fixating on your time, distance or other quantitative factors that will affect your performance or discourage you. You also likely have a go-to song that gets you pumped or puts you in the zone. Songs associated with good memories are a great way to enhance your motivation.

Faster music, between 120 and 140 bpm, is the optimum tempo to achieve a moderate workout. It prompts you to cycle or jog just a little faster, but not too fast, especially when you feel yourself starting to drag. Songs with a steady rhythm also help you maintain your pace, which is great for any exercises where you pace yourself like walking, jogging or lifting weights. Maintaining a steady pace is easier on your body.

Music can not only motivate you, but listening also boosts your mood – especially those upbeat songs that happen to be great for other reasons as well. Your brain gets excited and releases mood enhancing chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. It also makes you want to move even if you are dreading your exercise routine.

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