If healthy eating is your goal for 2019, then keep this blog post close!  These are our favorite low calorie recipes for weight loss!

Low Calorie Grilled Chicken with Pineapple

Low Calorie Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Ruth Graves Wakefield came up with the world’s most popular snack today at the Toll House Inn. She combined chocolate chips with dough to form a snack that became revered for generations to come. The chocolate chip cookie is easily one of the most tempting snacks that someone can come across. The smell of the freshly baked dough with the semi melted chocolate chips embedded inside and placed on top of the cookie will have your mouth watering.  Do not fear, cookie fans, as there is a beautiful alternative to solve this delicious dilemma that you have found yourselves in. With just 12 minutes of cooking, you can create a cookie which is low in calorie and has the same great taste as the original Toll House cookies.

Beat Morning Hunger with This Morning Treat

Does it happen to you that you leave your home with a nice big bowl of cereal and at work, in the middle of the day, you find yourself reaching for a snack from your drawer? Where did that large bowl of cereal go? Cereal, although being a good way to start your day, won’t keep your hunger satisfied for a long time. There are however, many Memphis weight loss nutritionists that help you choose the right breakfast for the start of your day.

Carb-Free Bread Has Dieters Cheering

If you ask people what is the one food they crave the most when dieting, it is usually breads.  Being from the south, we understand that bread is a part of almost every dinner plate.  However, the seemingly simple side packs massive problems for those who are watching their intake.

Skinny Margarita

If a margarita is your go-to drink, then sip on this fact.  In an eight ounce margarita, on the rocks, will set you back 455 calories!   If you prefer a frozen margarita, that will set you back around 500 calories. So, what are you supposed to do?  That’s easy!  Let’s just find a lower-calorie versions.

A New Fall Favorite – Spaghetti Squash

Wait just a minute before you wrinkle your nose!  This squash is different than the rest. You’ve probably seen this variety on grocery store shelves.  It is the canary-yellow oval object next to the normal varieties.  Once cooked, the inside of this squash looks more like spaghetti.

Top 5 Eggcelent Recipes

Eggs. They’ve been the subject of a lot of scrutiny and debate for the last decade or so. Are they good for us or not? Do the health benefits outweigh the concerns? Let’s take a moment to break this down.