You’re not the only person who has experienced feelings of hating your body at some point in life. The good news is there are plenty of things that you can do to change this negative self-image.

If you want to live healthier, it’s never too late for new beginnings. Reaching your goals starts with adopting new habits such as eating food that’s better for you, drinking more water, reducing your sugar intake, and staying.

Read on to learn more about the top weight loss hacks to try to shed those extra pounds.

Plan Your Meals

Meal planning is a great way to lose weight and ensure you’re getting your necessary nutrients daily. Meal prep also helps you learn how to measure out portions efficiently to know what’s going into those portions, making it easier to track your daily caloric intake.

Eat More Protein

A high protein diet can help build lean muscle, which helps burn more calories and increase weight loss. Protein, especially lean protein, is a great way to lose weight because it delivers the energy our bodies need to function well.

High protein diets also keep you feeling fuller for longer, which reduces the risk of overeating or feeling guilty about what food you eat.

Practice Portion Control

Portion control is essential for a healthy diet and can help you lose weight. When it comes to food, you should be mindful of how much your body needs. Many people are used to eating more than we need.

By measuring foods with cups or scales and using smaller dishes when eating, you can easily measure the amount your servings should contain.

Eat an Early Dinner

Eating before 7 pm can help you lose weight! A recent study by Brigham Young University asked 29 men not to eat anything after 7 pm for about two weeks, then had them eat whatever they wanted the following two weeks.

The study found that people who ate their dinner at or before 7 pm consumed 244 fewer calories per day and lost an average of 1 pound each week over those that went with a later-night diet.

Stay Active

One of the best ways to stay fit is by moving around. This means saying yes more often than you say no, even if it’s for things as small as walking up the stairs instead of taking an elevator or walking a half-mile round trip instead of driving a mile down the street.

According to this 2014 article published in the journal Science Direct, exercise is a significant factor in promoting weight loss.

Finally, Drink More Water!

Drinking water before and during your meals may help you lose weight. Studies have shown that drinking an extra 1 liter of fluid per day can contribute to 4.5 lb. loss over 12 weeks. Imagine how much more successful this simple weight loss hack could make your dieting efforts!

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