2021 is flying by and those New Years Resolutions may (or may not!) be working!  Now is a great time to re-focus and keep working towards your weight loss goals.  If you have found yourself stuck in a slump, here are a few weight loss blogs that will help you get back on track!

Our Top Weight Loss Strategies That WORK

You decided you wanted to shed those extra pounds. Maybe you downloaded a weight loss app and started going to the gym. You achieved your weight loss goals and kept the weight off for a while. Gradually, old habits crept back in, and the number on the scale crept back up to where you started.

If this story sounds all too familiar and dieting alone hasn’t worked for you, consider these simple tips from our team at MediPlan Diet Services to achieve permanent weight-loss and improve your overall health.  Learn more about our weight loss strategies that work!

How To Start A Walking Plan To Lose Weight

Walking has long been a valid strategy for weight loss, but not everyone is convinced of its effectiveness. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation regarding this powerful, low-impact form of exercise. Read on to get the facts about walking for weight loss and a plan of how to get started.

Our Easy Water Intake Guide

Most people know that water does a body good. All of our organs depend on water to function. Adequate hydration improves energy, mood, joint movement, and overall health. Water can even help to facilitate weight loss. Drinking water provides never-ending benefits and quenches your thirst like nothing else. Still, it can be hard to consume the necessary daily amount. Here are some simple ways to increase your water intake….

The Best Apps for Counting Calories

Decreasing calorie consumption is an essential part of losing weight. The best way to reduce calories consumed is to track your progress through a fitness app. Logging your calorie deficit provides a clear picture of where you can improve and helps you set clear goals. As you log information week by week, you can look back on the goals you’ve accomplished as a great motivational tool. Here are some of the best apps you can use for counting calories…