Have you fallen into a weight loss rut?

We have all been through it. We vow to make changes to our lives, make a commitment to work out every day or at least four days a week, and eat healthy. At first, we stick to the new diet and exercise regimen with determination, but our resolve starts to weaken after a while. The workout routine goes really well until one day you start finding workouts boring. You start missing your workouts for one reason or the other. And, one day you stop the workouts all together since there is no motivation left whatsoever.

You are in a rut and the time to get rid of it is now, before it becomes a habit. Here are some things that can help you get back in routine.

Change Your Workout Music

If you listen to music while you work out, change the playlist altogether. Put in songs that beat it up when it comes to running. You will feel a new energy in you immediately.

A Fitness Tracker Can Come In Handy

There are plenty of watches and apps that can help you with your workout. You can set goals and try achieving them each day. Noting down goals can actually be a motivational factor to keep you going. Compete with yourself each day, beating the previous records.

Take A Day Off

Don’t burn yourself out and don’t overdo it. Taking a rest day is really beneficial to break the routine and will also not make you get bored of the same routine each day of the week. Take a couple of days off but come back with even more motivation than before.

Don’t Waste Your Time At the Gym

There are times when you are less productive in an hour and have done much more in just 20 minutes. It is important that you make the most of your time when you are at the gym working out. Plan your exercise in a way that it gives you the maximum output without boring you.

Convince A Buddy To Workout With You

This can work wonders. Get a friend to workout with you. Find someone who doesn’t hold you back but motivates you to do more. Schedule your workouts together and you will look forward to coming to the gym each day.

Take A Step Outside The Gym

It is not necessary that you workout only at the gym. It will be a great idea to go out and explore the world. Get out in the fresh air, run in the park, watch kids playing, play with them and rejuvenate all your energy to get started with working out again.

Sometimes, all you need is to just change up your routine to get back on track.  Come in and talk to our knowledgable staff about your weight loss goals.  We can help you get started!

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