Whether we admit it or not, being aesthetically beautiful is of utmost importance in this superficial society. Looking good does not necessarily equate to feeling good, but that surely helps.

For years, obesity has been a rampant problem for first world countries like the United States. People having more disposable income are inclined to consuming more food. It’s reported that more than 2 out of 3 American adults are overweight, with at least 1 of them obese. For men, the statistic is more problematic.

An estimated 70% of the U.S. male population are overweight, while overweight ones account for 75%. It’s pretty simple: men has stronger appetite than women. When poor lifestyle is paired with eating more than what one can burn through physical activity, that’s when the problem starts.

Though being overweight or obese can’t be fixed overnight, there are diet pills prescribed by doctor that one can religiously take for best results. These weight loss pills for men should be paired with weight loss diet plan for men and weight loss exercises for men at home for compelling results.

What are the different types of diet pills for men?

Before deciding to purchase a certain brand of diet pill, one must understand that it comes in different varieties, each suiting a specific goal or type of people. Remember to consult first with a licensed physician as your prospect pill may have certain health implications or hazards unknown to you (e.g., allergies, inflammatory properties, etc.).

  1. Appetite Suppressants – it’s a kind of dietary supplement or drug that reduces one’s appetite or craving for food. One of the better ways to lose weight? It’s avoiding the very reason for it without having to punish yourself.
  2. Fat Metabolizers –these tablets are packed with essential vitamins and minerals for losing weight. It also contains various botanical extracts such as green tea that hastens fat oxidation and gets rid of excess body fat.
  3. Fat Burners – these are drugs that can be typically bought over-the-counter. It intensifies the body’s rate of metabolism to quickly transform unused fat into energy.
  4. Diuretics – also known as water pills, it helps you lose pounds by making your body lose more fluids through frequent urine. However, there are many arguments against the use of diuretics. Losing essential electrolytes, excessive time in the bathroom, and distortion in electrolytes levels are some of them.
  5. Carb Blockers – These pills are filled with amylase inhibitors, a digestive enzyme that prevents starches from being absorbed by the body. However, it also blocks calories in the process which is the body’s main source of energy.
  6. Fat Loss Proteins – These are high protein, filling meal replacements that usually take the form of shakes. It’s formulated with various whey protein concentrate, vitamins, and minerals that aid one’s weight loss plan.

What are some proven diet pill products for men?

So the question boils down to this. What are the good diet pills for men that work? Are the diet pills results engaging? Here are our top diet pills list.


The leading appetite suppressant brand in the world, Phentermine, has long been in the market for both men and women. It works by affecting the neurotransmitters in our central nervous system which are responsible for regulating our appetite.

This pill has three clear benefits: it increases one’s metabolic rate, gives surplus energy, and mitigates one’s craving for food. Phentermine also has plenty of antioxidants that oxidize fat and prevent it from building up.

Taking Phentermine does not necessarily mean feeling full at all times. It’s just that one’s mood becomes diverted from eating.

Meanwhile, there’s better news for men taking Phentermine. It’s found that they can lose additional body weight more rapidly than women since fat enzymes are predominant in men’s physique. However, there are certain restrictions for people allowed to take it. Consult with your doctor first.

MediPlan’s Lipo Caps

Some diet pills for men are effective but leaves the user feeling frail or weak for some time. The good news is that there’s a supplement formulated that does not deprive your body of amino acids and vitamins to keep you strong.

Here’s why Lipo Caps might be for you. It promises to shed your pounds in a “balanced way” without depriving or damaging your body and health. Besides being packed with amino acids and vitamins essential so you won’t feel weak, it also gives you increased energy, and prevents water weight gain.

Avoid exceeding the regular dosage of 1 capsule per day 30 minutes before lunch or dinner.

Garcinia Cambogia

If you struggle with cravings then maybe this supplement is right for you.  This supplement helps to control your appetite and helps in decreasing the formation of fat in the body.

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